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Just did my 2013 Ranger 800 midsize with your tool. ( I purchased from Amazon.ca ) It was at .64020 when I first hooked it up last night, it had a rough idle and also an engine light code 3497/4 voltage problem TPS. I got it to .70010 and it has never run better smoother running at all RPM’S and now the engine light is out now also.
The tool is amazing!!
Dave G.

Just to follow up, I got my 2002 dialed in and my brothers 2000 Yamaha SRX. I ended up replacing his TPS because faulty number. I put on new / used one from eBay and dialed that one in. I fired her up, no code and we headed to the upper peninsula here in Michigan for a long weekend of snowmobiling.
Thanks, this tool is awesome.
Tim S.

This is an essential tool if you need to adjust your TPS. It came with the connector I needed and ample instructions. Customer Service was the Best I’ve ever experienced. YouTube videos are available to watch and learn from as well. Super Happy!

Bike started off at .56 I moved it to .65 and it worked incredible. The throttle response was noticeably better. It will no take a quick full throttle twist with out hick up. Thank you for your help.
Travis H

Hi mate, just wanted to give you some positive feedback, your tool worked a treat! I have finally been able to start, run and ride this bike for the first time in over a year. I’m a very happy customer and glad I came across this tool.
Thanks again!
Peter M.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the exceptional service you provided. … The one you sent worked great and I think it has solved my starting problem.
Thanks again,

Received my TPS Tool in Alberta Canada only 9 days after shipment from Florida, not bad for Free!
I Ride a KTM 250 XCF-W and since I’ve owned it I’ve had trouble with Flameouts and Throttle response and overall lack of performance for what I felt a 250 4 stroke should have. After watching Matt’s videos I was sure even the 250 could benefit from some TPS Tuning.
When out for a couple hours on the Frozen lake to Dial it in on the ice race track our town plows for our riding association. It is so fun to ride !! … My first try was at 0.630 which was noticeably better throttle response picked up and solved most of the flame out issues but wasn’t a lot faster for my butt dyno. I took a few more adjustments to .66 and 0.69 which were better still, front wheel started coming up in 2nd gear but still needed to drop the clutch to pop er up. 0.72 I was getting boggy at idle and even throttle response started to drop was okay but definitely worse than before. So I went back down to 0.7044. And found that to be the sweet spot. My whole ownership of the bike has consisted of trouble lifting the front wheel even in 1st, now it’s coming up in second nice and Controlled! Soooo happy! I’ve only had the bike for 6 Months but this was the most fun I’ve had on it by a long shot. I can’t wait for the snow to melt and get back to our single track riding! Also, I was impressed with the performance gain all the way through the power band too, in the straight of the track I was pulling through the gears and up over 100 km/h (60mph) pretty quickly and had a lot more to give if the track was longer lol, even got a little crowd watching me have all the fun haha. Riding buddies kept telling me to change sprockets to get that tire up but I didn’t want to sacrifice my top end for that.
Love how easy this product was to use, and the free shipping is fast! Maybe most of all, Matt is so willing to help and provides excellent guidance to his customers, and really goes above and beyond!
Brett. L

Hey Matt
I just wanted to say that I used your tool to set my tps. I am amazed at the ease and the results. Thank you very much, and my bike is running superb now!
D. Francis

My 2018 500 EXC was at .56 adjusted to .62 and is much snappier off idle and no more flame outs coming off idle in traffic .
Jody M.

Hi Matt.
Yes it was actually .518v just a typo. I played with it in .02 increments. When I hit .560v Whoa! The front end goes vertical at the crack of the throttle. This is what I really needed. I’m opening up more air vents and removed the spark arrester. Great improvements. Thank you for the explanation it really helps.
Steve T

I can’t believe the difference adjusting the tps made. This tool is the bomb. Thanks!
Dakota M.

I can’t believe the difference adjusting the TPS made. This tool is the bomb.
Dakota M.

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